Overview and Philosophy

Albert Einstein said, "The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking." We believe that each child's inquisitive mind makes her a scientist. Science is a natural process of observing phenomena, wondering how the world works, and searching for answers in order to make sense of the world. Every student at The Girls’ Middle School is a scientist who learns and practices the skills that professional scientists use in their daily endeavors. Because science is a way of understanding the world around us (rather than a collection of vocabulary words and facts), the students engage in many hands-on explorations, inquiries, and projects as they explore the natural world.  

The GMS science curriculum uses a thematic approach to organizing the concepts presented each year. By spiraling the three-year curriculum around five themes, the girls begin to understand the deeper connections that bind the ideas contained in the various science disciplines. The five core themes are: Structure of Matter; Energy Transfer through Systems; Changes through Time; Dynamics of Living and Non-living Systems; and the Shape of Scientific Reasoning.


  • Students will view science as a means of understanding the physical world.
  • Students will see science as a group of evolving theories to which they can add or contribute.
  • Students will approach scientific inquiry systematically and safely.
  • Students will develop skills and knowledge to excel in future science courses.
  • Students will communicate clearly and accurately.