Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Thank you for your interest in The Girls' Middle School.  At this point we are no longer accepting applications for the fall of 2015.  We encourage you to check back in September 2015 to start the admission process for the fall of 2016.


Financial Aid and Scholarship Program

The Girls’ Middle School strives to be an inclusive and welcoming community. An integral part of the mission of the school is to develop a student body from diverse backgrounds, including families from all income levels. To achieve this goal, we offer two types of tuition assistance: Financial Aid and the GMS Scholarship Program. 
Financial Aid is a need-based assistance program funded through the school’s operating budget to provide tuition assistance to families who need help covering a portion of the tuition. All families receiving financial aid must qualify on a yearly basis through the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) School Services for Financial Aid process. 
GMS Scholarship Program supports high-achieving girls often coming from under-performing elementary schools. These students often represent the first generation to be college-bound in their families. The Scholarship Program provides complete tuition assistance: tuition, field trips and travel, uniforms, graduation, transportation, tutoring as needed, and lunch. The program is funded through the generosity of our GMS parents, alumnae and members of the community. 

To Apply for Financial Aid or a Scholarship

If you would like to apply for financial aid or a scholarship please submit a Request for Financial Aid and Scholarship Information form to Holly V. Zuklie, Director of Financial Aid, as soon as possible. We will send you the necessary forms and instructions after we receive your Request for Financial Aid and Scholarship Information form.

To apply, families must provide the following forms by February 13, 2015:

  • Parents’ Financial Statement
  • Tax returns for the past and current year
  • IRS form 4506

If you have further questions please see Frequently Asked Questions About Financial Aid and The Scholarship Program In addition, Holly V. Zuklie, the Director of Financial Aid, is happy to address any questions you may have. She can be reached at or 650.968.8338, ext. 133.