GMS Girls Finding Their (Radio) Voice

GMS Girls Finding Their (Radio) Voice

Imagine spending a luxurious Friday afternoon reading your favorite book, embroidering a pair of jeans, building a robot, or playing Ultimate frisbee.  Who wouldn't want to kick their weekend off spending some time pursuing a passion, learning a new craft, or just unwind after a long week? At The Girls' Middle School every Friday afternoon is joyful, relaxing, and filled with opportunity as students rush off to Electives, their last class of the week.

Electives at GMS range from the quiet and introspective yoga to the boisterous and collaborative Student Council meetings – there is something for everyone.  Old standards such as open studio art, skateboarding, and Yearbook are offered every semester.  Outside of the core curriculum, Electives are another venue for teachers to share their expertise and passions, and with new teachers, new opportunities arise each year.

Trent Maverick joined the GMS faculty this school year and is sharing her interest and skill in radio with an intrepid and enthusiastic group of GMS girls.  Each Friday afternoon parents show up to shuttle Trent's Radio Broadcasting Elective to the KZSU radio station at Stanford, where the girls host their own hour-long current affairs program.  After a few introductory weeks at the station learning how to use the equipment, speak in to a microphone, and avoid on-air bleeps, the girls began hosting their own live show. Each girl was first interviewed on air before the tackling live group discussions, such as the favorite "Darth Vader and Voldemort duel to the death -- who wins?" debate.  

In addition to "ad-lib" on-air parley, the girls also practice reading prepared news stories and hone their radio voices and personalities.  The GMS show, titled “We Said It First... Or Maybe Second,” provides a service to the Stanford community by sharing news stories and current events topics – the station airs primarily music and sports programming. As the semester draws to a close, each radio broadcaster is prepping and recording her own 8 minute broadcast.  

So what do middle school girls have to say about the state of the world?  Take a break and tune in to KZSU (FM 90.1) on December 2nd, December 9th, or January 6th from 4 to 5 pm and find out for yourself!