In the Classrooms

In the Classrooms

Something interesting is always going on in the classrooms at The Girls’ Middle School. Students are expected to communicate their thinking with creativity and clarity by using a variety of methods and media – written, hands-on, or computer based, individual or group – to present their projects.

What's it like to be a writer at GMS? 

Step into a 6th grade Humanities classroom this week, and you might hear the girls sharing their recently written “GMS Folktales,” stories that explain the mysteries of GMS, like “how the uniforms got their colors,” or “how the librarian got his roar.”

One of our students said it best when she was asked what makes The Girls’ Middle School unique: “Advisory is GMS code for second family,” she wrote. Her sentiment sums up the feeling that many of our girls and their families have about the advisory program.  

     During the rainy months of January and February, GMS girls are exploring non-sport approaches to movement and fitness in their physical education classes. But both of these units extend beyond the physical, challenging the girls to expand their awareness of their local and global surroundings.

The Girls' Middle School held its fifteenth annual Entrepreneurial Night event, the cornerstone of our Entrepreneurial Program, on February 9, 2014 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View.

Twice each year, GMS students expand their horizons by delving into topics of their choice for Intersession.  Intersession is a weeklong, and consists of half- or full-day courses that take students out of their usual classroom settings and focus on the arts, technology, and outdoor exploration.  

This Fall, the 6th Grade Humanities classes read Paul Fleischman’s book Seedfolks. The novel, which is illustrated by Judy Pedersen, tells the story of a young girl’s journey toward building a community garden, and how it brings her neighborhood together.