Computer Science

Computer Science

Overview and Philosophy

Computer Science at The Girls' Middle School introduces students to the breadth and beauty of computing and algorithms. The variety of activities and topics provides students with diverse opportunities to develop an appreciation of computer science. Students learn how computers work, how to control them, how to design user-centered interfaces, and discover the many opportunities in computer science. Students are exposed to cross-disciplinary applications of computer science to understand how computer science makes the world a better place.

Throughout history, economic power has gone to those who create the tools, not those who use the tools. In this class, students experience the joy and power that comes from controlling the computer. Students learn how computers process information and commands, and design algorithms to control technology. Computer Science builds the basic logical problem-solving skills and framework required for understanding an increasingly complex and technological world. Students are given opportunities to engage in authentic computer science problems in a creative and supportive environment. Through hands-on experiences, major projects, and a variety of learning methods, students learn to work through problems and create innovative solutions.


  • Be comfortable and confident with computer technology.
  • Think algorithmically.
  • Appreciate that different programs have different strengths and weaknesses.
  • Solve problems logically and creatively.