Diversity Education at GMS

Diversity Education at GMS

Diversity education is built on the principles of justice, freedom, equity, and equality. As a school, we prepare students for their responsibilities in an interdependent world. We play a significant role in helping our students develop the attitudes and values necessary to contribute positively to society. We value the pluralism that our students, their families, and teachers reflect. As such, diversity education permeates many aspects of our school culture, including admission, hiring, student support and enrichment, curriculum, community involvement, and development.


A core part of the admission policy at GMS is to recruit students who represent a cross-section of our greater community. This allows us to create a school culture that is characterized by a broad range of backgrounds and interests. Our student body and community represent the diversity in ethnicity, religion, socioeconomics, learning styles and family structure found in the Bay Area.

Student Support and Enrichment

Through the support of a Guidance Advisor, an Equity and Outreach Coordinator, a Dean and Assistant Dean of Students, and Faculty Advisors, we offer programs and opportunities to nurture and develop the social and emotional growth of our students. We seek to offer all students an equitable educational opportunity, recognizing that equality and equity are not the same thing.


Our curriculum exposes students to the histories, cultures, and contributions of diverse populations. We believe that the teaching and learning process should be sensitive to students’ backgrounds and experiences and that pedagogy should occur in a context that is familiar to students and that addresses multiple ways of thinking.

Community Involvement 

We offer multiple opportunities for our families to connect with one another throughout the school year. These opportunities provide a gateway through which parents can become active participants in their daughters' education. We seek to promote appreciation for the diversity within our community and the richness each family brings.


Development ensures that we are able to provide a well-rounded, strong, and supportive educational program to all of our students. We provide full scholarships to low income, high achieving girls who could not otherwise afford to attend an independent school. This commitment to educational equity is a cornerstone of the school's mission; we strongly believe that it enriches the lives of all members of the GMS community.


We are committed to building a faculty and staff that understands and appreciates the multiple facets of difference, and to the greatest extent reflects the diversity found in our society.