Thank you for your interest in The Girls’ Middle School.

Due to COVID-19 health and safety requirements, we anticipate changes to The Girls' Middle School admission process for 2020-21 school year.

We will continue to offer engaging and meaningful ways for your family and your daughter to get to know GMS as a school and community. We look forward to getting to know you and your daughter during the admission season, either in person or virtually. We will make every admission event available broadly and with careful consideration to accommodate the needs of all families. We seek diversity through all aspects of the school and encourage all interested families to learn more about our program.

We will update this website with more information about the admission process, events, and dates on September 1, 2020. There is nothing you need to do at this point to prepare for the admission process or the application itself. Please enjoy your summer and check back with us in September. 

Meet The Team

Sue Kramer
Director of Admission
650-968-8338 x123

Holly Varian Zuklie
Director of Financial Aid
650-968-8338 x160

María Peréz Árons 
(en español) 
Bennett Scholars Program Director
650-968-8338 x102

Maria Garcia 
(en español) 
Admission Associate
650-968-8338 x133

Caitlin Clendaniel 
Admission Associate
650-968-8338 x133