Why Middle School Only?

The middle school years mark a significant time in a girl’s life. It is when she develops – physically, emotionally, and intellectually – at a pace rivaled only by her first few years of life. At GMS, we celebrate this exciting age and make it our exclusive focus.

During this time, growth is dynamic, both across peer groups and within each student. Middle schoolers learn and develop at their own pace, following a schedule that cannot be rushed. We embrace this, striving to meet every student exactly where she is on any particular day.

As a middle school, we offer engaging, developmentally appropriate instruction that consistently places realistic demands on our students. We fold that within an encompassing framework of social and emotional support. The result: Our girls are encouraged and empowered to make tremendous intellectual and personal advances.

At GMS, we believe in the distinctive value of the middle school experience and have made the positive choice to work solely with students in sixth through eighth grades. Our teachers possess subject area expertise yet are middle school specialists first, motivated by an interest and enthusiasm for working with students at this age.

By choosing to be a middle school only, we are able to support lasting, healthy growth for our girls during these important years.

At GMS, we believe girls learn most powerfully through hands-on experience and by making real-world connections with their classroom studies. We therefore offer multiple opportunities to venture beyond the classroom in ways that bring science, literature, math, history, art, and language to life.

GMS Teacher