The Girls’ Middle School Alum Association is a vibrant group of more than 1,000 graduates.

Our Pioneer Class graduated in 2001, and these young adults have a unique and common bond with even the youngest GMS girls. It is this connection that has inspired our Alum Association to design events and opportunities for all our graduates. We want our alums to develop and maintain relationships to each other and to the school.

The goal of our Alum Association is to maintain a connection with all our graduates and together create a resilient, lively community both online and in person. The GMS Alum Association has a LinkedIn group where former GMS students and parents can network and post jobs. You can engage with us on Facebook and Instagram; our feeds are updated weekly with stories, opportunities, and links to relevant current events. We have in-person, rollicking events throughout the year for all our graduates.


Please contact Esther Selk, Alumnae Affairs Director, to share your story, visit the campus, or find out how GMS can provide resources for you as you continue on your life path.

I have always been proud to be a part of the GMS community. GMS events are a great source of insight into what GMS has been up to since my own graduation. They also offer me the opportunity to take time out of a busy Silicon Valley lifestyle and reconnect with the people who are a part of that beloved community.

GMS Alum ’02