Alumnae Events

We have significantly expanded our GMS Alum Events to be relevant to our graduates of all ages. Our goal is for you to reconnect to us and to each other, and together we will create a valuable community that is thriving and exciting. Several events are tailored to specific ages, but ALL our alums are always welcome to visit our campus.

Event Date    
Class of 2020 Reunion August 2020 Class of 2020 RSVP
Alum & Family Night at the Book Fair December 7, 2020 All alums and alum families RSVP
Alum Happy Hour December 17, 2020 Classes
Care Packages February 2021 Classes
Check Your Mailbox
Bennett Scholars Breakfast March 18, 2021 All alums and alum families Tickets
Class of 2017 Reunion June 10, 2021 Class of
I attend GMS events because it’s always fun to see old familiar faces and to hear what amazing things they are up to, which are usually so different from my day-to-day life as a high school teacher. I speak to two girls from [GMS] on a weekly basis and love that we share a history that stretches back to sixth grade. I don’t know that many other people who still talk to their middle school best friends.

GMS Alum ’03