The Girls' Middle School embodies progressive education.

Middle school is a time of significant change in girls’ intellectual, physical, social, and emotional growth and development. To thrive during these challenging years, girls need a school environment that nurtures and celebrates their growth. The curriculum is deeply integrated and holistic. We teach the expected academics like math, science, and humanities, and also pioneering courses that help students expand their horizons and understand their own development. These include our powerful Social and Emotional Learning program, a revolutionary Computer Science curriculum, an engaging Athletics and Physical Education experience, a thoughtful and diverse Arts and Media curriculum, and an integrated Information Literacy program. Each student also studies Spanish, either introductory Spanish or Spanish for fluent speakers, because studying a widely spoken language broadens students’ horizons and enriches our globally-focused, multicultural curriculum. In addition, opportunities like Intersession and the Entrepreneurial Program help build community, creativity, self-awareness, resilience, and empowerment. By teaching the whole girl, GMS graduates are confident as thinkers, valued as individuals, and ready to make a positive contribution to their community.