At The Girls’ Middle School, students engage in meaningful academic study through creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking.

Our curriculum embodies our mission and is designed specifically to meet the needs of middle school students. We have rigorous, in-depth courses that emphasize the connections between ideas, approaches, and people. The girls have the opportunity to learn multiple perspectives while embracing a love of learning. Through exceptional projects and units, our students learn computer programming, entrepreneurship, video production, Spanish poetry, scientific fieldwork, real-world applications of math and physics, skateboarding, literary analysis, and so much more. They experience cooperation over competition and interdependence over isolation. GMS girls consistently expand their vision of who they are and what they love through deep engagement with rich and significant material.

A hallmark of GMS is our reflective narrative assessment process. Narrative assessment is effective in nourishing academic growth and allows each student to pursue academic study with meaning and internal motivation.

I wish I could go back to middle school and be a student here at GMS.

GMS Parent at Back-to-School Night