Drama & Theatre

The drama curriculum is a sequence of workshops designed for students to make connections with each other, the audience, and the material. Many of the exercises, warm-ups, and games are taken from the book, Improvisation for the Theater, by Viola Spolin. Quotes from Spolin’s book are used to define a theme for each grade to both challenge and focus the students as they encounter new theatre concepts.

The GMS Theatre Program is another way we empower girls. As artists and teachers, we believe the ideal theatre education program is one that affords our students an authentic learning experience within the realm of theatrical production. In both our fall musical and eighth grade Shakespeare play, we involve our students on every possible level – from acting to stage managing, from set construction to costume design. The girls’ experience and ownership is emphasized more than production value, though we also stress the importance of artistic merit and craft. Theatre gives students experiences and life skills applicable beyond the confines of the production; it teaches teamwork, resilience, and confidence – values we hold dear at GMS.