Visual Arts

The visual arts program at GMS integrates fine art and media arts. Media arts include photography, digital imaging, and video production.

In sixth grade we expose students to a range of styles, techniques, and materials to build their skills and confidence as artists. Throughout the year, students explore styles of art and work with a variety of media and techniques. Drawing, painting, and photography are some of the tools they learn.

In seventh grade, the girls continue to develop who they are as artists and discover how to infuse their art with their individuality as well as learn technical skills such at perspective and figure drawing. They create more sophisticated imagery and are introduced to digital image manipulation with Photoshop.

The essence of the eighth grade art experience is a deep exploration of the various ways artists generate ideas and then share them with the world. Imagery, inspiration, and influence are expressed in street art, photography, and media production. Using the art and life of Frida Kahlo as a springboard, students explore self-portraits and how symbols can be used as forms of self-expression. Opportunities to convey individual perspectives and develop personal styles are emphasized throughout the art projects.

GMS Photography