Arts & Media

What We Teach

All GMS students have the opportunity to work not only in drawing and painting, but also in ceramics, woodworking, metalworking, music, drama, photography, and video production. In exploring these wide-ranging media and techniques, students gain confidence in their ability to experiment and take creative risks. At the same time, they are exposed to powerful tools for finding and expressing their voices and have opportunities to discover one or more ways to express their vision.

The GMS Arts and Media program builds skills in a joyful, creative environment where students make artwork that demonstrates originality and utilizes problem solving. Students explore how to manifest their vision, learn to value art, and discover how it connects to their lives. Throughout the entire arc of the program, students deepen their understanding of their own artistic style while honing skills and working practices in the studio.

Why We Teach It

Serious engagement with a broad range of arts and media is central to the GMS approach to education. In these courses, students learn to be comfortable with pushing their limits, become creative problem solvers, and think critically about the visual, musical, and dramatic cultures of which they are both consumers and producers.