Physical Education

What We Teach

Physical Education classes include traditional sports such as basketball and volleyball, as well as nontraditional activities such as self-defense and skateboarding. GMS is proud to have a covered skateboard ramp and all of the necessary equipment to run a skate program. Highlights of the rainy season include fitness and African dance. Students are able to track their athletic improvement through fitness tests and various team challenges.

Girls discover sports by playing games to learn the rules and techniques rather than practicing repetitive drills. This approach to learning allows all girls to participate in every PE class and to work as a team to help each other improve. Units of study include softball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, tennis, flag football, track and field, fitness, running, African dance, self-defense, and skateboarding.

Why We Teach It

The physical education curriculum teaches the importance of being and staying healthy, and gives GMS girls the opportunity to learn and play sports in a positive environment. Making PE classes fun draws the students in, and they participate and exercise because they enjoy it. Finding the right type of exercise for each girl, whether a team or individual sport, is the goal. All students are expected to be involved to some degree all of the time. Students will test their skills at the end of a unit by competing in tournaments and playing on randomly organized teams.