Seventh Grade Computer Science

In seventh grade, students are introduced to text-based programming languages. They use this flexible and powerful programming environment to create more complex programs. As the intricacy of students’ programs grow, so must their ability to organize their code and break up large problems into manageable sub-problems. Throughout the year students focus on strategies for organizing their ideas and programs in order to share them with others, as well as deepen their own understanding

Website Programming

Students learn how to use HTML and CSS to build websites with diverse content, stylish themes, and interactive components. We define the criteria for a professional website and work to develop the skills to meet the criteria. Students create websites that connect to their humanities research and support their entrepreneurial company.

Ink Programming

The Ink programming language encourages students to plan out their choose-your-own-adventure style programs by breaking their story down into pieces and drawing the connection between each piece. Students also learn how to use conditionals and variables to introduce unlocking features to their games. This unit culminates with a class-wide project where students collaborate and each girl programs a part of a larger story.

Introduction to Python Programming

Students begin their exploration of Python through analyzing the essential features of programming languages: output, input, storing data, making decisions, loops, and grouping. As each feature is introduced in Python, students consider why it is essential and how to creatively incorporate it into their programs. They also practice using the language to communicate their problem-solving strategies at different levels of detail.