Seventh Grade Mathematics

Seventh graders complete a Pre-Algebra curriculum, CPM Core Connections Courses 2 and 3. The curriculum asks the students to employ various strategies, question and investigate, find and construct evidence, analyze critically, and rigorously justify their thinking. The course focuses on problem-solving and on allowing students to discover generalizations and mathematical principles through exploration. This curriculum guides the students toward understanding the reasons behind the math.

Units of Study

Unit 1: Problem Solving and Simplifying with Variables

Unit 2: Graphs and Equations, Multiple Representations

Unit 3: Systems of Equations

Unit 4: Proportions and Percents

Unit 5: Statistics and Angle Relationships

Unit 6: Circles and Volume

Unit 7: Transformations and Similarity

Unit 8: Slope and Association

Unit 9: Exponents and Functions

Unit 10: Angles and the Pythagorean Theorem

Unit 11: Surface Area and Volume