Seventh Grade Mathematics

Seventh graders complete a pre-algebra curriculum, College Preparatory Math, Core Connections Course 2 and 3. The curriculum asks the students to employ various strategies, question and investigate, find and construct evidence, analyze critically, and rigorously justify their thinking. The course focuses on problem solving and on allowing students to discover generalizations and mathematical principles through exploration. This curriculum guides the students toward understanding the reasons behind the math.

Units of Study

Unit 1: Problem Solving and Simplifying with Variables

Unit 2: Graphs and Equations, Multiple Representations

Unit 3: Systems of Equations

Unit 4: Proportions and Percents

Unit 5: Statistics and Angle Relationships

Unit 6: Circles and Volume

Unit 7: Transformations and Similarity

Unit 8: Slope and Association

Unit 9: Exponents and Functions

Unit 10: Angles and the Pythagorean Theorem

Unit 11: Surface Area and Volume