Sixth Grade Mathematics

Sixth graders complete a year of dynamic CPM curriculum, drawing from the Core Connections, Courses 1 and 2 texts. Pre-Algebra skills are developed, refined, and extended. CPM’s unique presentation encourages students to make connections, discover relationships, determine what strategies can be used to solve problems, and explain their thinking. Learning in community and fostering a sense of fun are at the foundation of classroom culture in sixth grade math.

Units of Study

Unit 1: Representations of Quantities and Characteristics of Numbers

Unit 2: Representations of Data, Area of Rectangles and Generic Rectangles

Unit 3: Representations of Portions and Integers on a Number Line

Unit 4: Variables and Ratios

Unit 5: Fraction Multiplication and Area of Additional Geometric Shapes

Unit 6: Representations of Fraction Division and Algebraic Expressions

Unit 7: Rates, More Strategies for Fraction Division, and Equivalent Expressions

Unit 8: Statistics and Multiplication Equations

Unit 9: Volume and Percents

Unit 10: Probability and Integer Addition

Unit 11: More Integer Operations, Arithmetic Properties, and Proportional Relationships

Unit 12: Compound Probability