What We Teach

The GMS science curriculum focuses on building science skills across students’ three years as they move through different disciplines. Sixth-grade students study Earth Science, building toward an understanding of climate change. In seventh-grade Life Science, students delve into life and evolution to allow them to ask deep questions about the rest of the year’s topics. Eighth-grade Physical Science includes both physics and chemistry using hands-on experiments. 

Why We Teach It

“Curiosity is probably one of the most important characteristics that people have who go into science, and engineering is about solving problems and creativity.” -Ellen Ochoa, First Latina Astronaut in Space

We believe that science is accessible to every student. Each student’s inquisitive mind already makes them a scientist. Science is a natural process of observing phenomena, wondering how the world works, and searching for answers in order to make sense of the world. Every student at The Girls’ Middle School is a scientist who learns and practices the skills that professional scientists use in their daily endeavors. Because science is a way of understanding the world around us, rather than a collection of vocabulary words and facts, the students engage in many hands-on explorations, inquiries, and projects as they explore the natural world.