Seventh Grade Science

In seventh grade science, students hone their scientific reasoning and critical thinking skills while learning about the living world. Girls spend the beginning of the year thinking about evolution and how it shapes all living things. By practicing evolutionary biology reasoning on crazy examples from the animal kingdom, students equip themselves to answer many of their own “why” questions about how living bodies function in future units. To make cell biology just as engaging, students follow one single cell as it grows into a full organism. They master digital microscopes while learning about DNA structure and developmental biology. In the spring, hands-on experiments on body systems inspire students’ self-designed Science Exhibition projects. This extended project asks students to design, carry out, analyze, and present their own controlled scientific study on any topic of their choosing. The year finishes with probability games to learn just how unlikely our own combination of chromosomes is and how some traits can be traced through simple inheritance patterns.

Unit 1: Introduction - Life and the Scientific Process

Essential Questions: What does it mean to be alive? How can we tell whether something is alive? What do all living things have in common?

Unit 2: Evolution

Essential Questions: How did life begin? How did different organisms come to exist? How are we related to other organisms? Why do organisms look and function they way they do? How do we know?

Unit 3: Cells and Development

Essential Questions: How does a complex organism grow from a single cell? How do we get different kinds of cells? What are cells made of?

Unit 4: Anatomy and Physiology

Essential Questions: How does a body stay alive? How do body systems work and interact? How can we test and draw conclusions?

Unit 5: Heredity and Genetics

Essential Questions: How am I similar to and different from my parents and siblings? How much do my genes determine who I am? Could there ever be another person with my exact genetic makeup?