Seventh Grade Experience

Our seventh graders return from their summers with laughter and energy, their excitement at returning reverberating through the halls. The seventh grade team collaboratively guides the students with thoughtful enthusiasm using the phrase:

Use your Resources and Initiative

We want our students to develop an awareness of the resources available to them, as well as opportunities to take initiative. We use the shared language of, “Use your R & I,” to help further two main themes of seventh grade: stretch your comfort zone and advocate for yourself.

The seventh grade curriculum asks each girl to think about who she is as an individual and her place in the world. We provide opportunities for the students to think deeply about social situations, kindness, and new emotions and experiences. The teachers integrate the curriculum throughout the year so that a student can use her knowledge of the brain from Science class to further her research on a social issue in Humanities. The seventh graders launch these skills in the fall with a weeklong camping trip. As they develop a product and start a business in Entrepreneurial class, we help them grow as individuals and as a team through R & I. They are ready to take on the mantel of leaders of the school as they end the year in June.