Sixth Grade Experience

The sixth grade team greets our sixth graders with intention and purpose. Together we work hard to build a strong community. We have shared language that guides us daily.

This is our place. Connect. Explore. Reach. Play. Care. Be present. We are all in this together.

Before the academic work begins, the sixth grade team provides opportunities to cultivate the spirit of community. The year opens with Sixth Grade Orientation, several days together on campus prior to the arrival of the seventh and eighth graders. The students become familiar with their new surroundings, peers, and teachers. The year continues with Adventure Days. The whole grade bonds with each other through surfing at the beach, hiking, developing trust through games, and sleeping over at school.

The sixth grade teachers put their heads together throughout the school year. The curriculum is based on the needs of the sixth graders, keeping in mind both individual needs and the needs of the community. We guide our students, teaching them collaboration and relationship building.