What We Teach

The Spanish department’s mission is to encourage students to appreciate and connect language and culture to the real world by improving their understanding of Spanish. Advancing students’ speaking, listening, and writing skills, while motivating them to learn and love Spanish, reinforces the importance of being bilingual in California. Each student understands that learning Spanish requires focus, motivation, practice, and a willingness to use Spanish during classroom activities and on a daily basis. Spanish classes at GMS help improve fluent and non-fluent speakers’ literacy skills; however, it takes more than just skills to become a fluent or successful Spanish speaker. At GMS, each student engages in an individual and group Spanish-learning process that embraces an inclusive learning environment with engaging discourse and innovative instructional technology. Providing a respectful, rich, and safe classroom environment ensures that every student is able to apply herself, take risks, make and rectify mistakes, and work on her understanding and use of the language during her three years in the GMS Spanish Language Program.

Why We Teach It

Spanish at GMS is an interactive program designed to provide a rich learning environment to our students. In both the fluent and the non-fluent speakers’ classes, students experience an engaging learning environment that uses challenging, exciting, and fun Spanish activities in the classroom and within the Latino community to enhance understanding of the Spanish language and its diverse culture and heritage.

Spanish for non-Fluent Speakers

Spanish for Fluent Speakers