Eighth Grade Spanish

This interactive course provides a rich learning environment where students experience and connect language and culture with real-world life. By practicing different techniques, students apply and review grammar skills using oral and written exercises and projects. The course connects to multicultural activities with the preparation for the Day of the Dead, the Mexico Trip, and the Spanish Poetry Contest. As an important component of this course, students explore complex concepts, such as immigration, morality, courage, and exile. By the end of eighth grade, students reach a functional proficiency in Spanish. They apply Spanish vocabulary in oral and written presentations, employ grammar skills in the present, past, and future tenses, participate in conversations, tell stories, and write summaries in Spanish. The use of the workbook, Español Esencial I and II reinforces grammar skills.

Unit 1: Immigration

What is immigration? Why do people immigrate? Students review 7th-grade grammar skills and practice vocabulary and grammar in diverse written and oral exercises. Stories connect with the real world and our community. Text: El viaje de su vida. Project: Mi autobiografía.

Unit 2: The Day of the Dead in Mexican Culture

This unit focuses on an ancient indigenous Mexican holiday, and has the objective of enriching cultural appreciation, values, and traditions from other cultures. Students make linguistic and cultural connections through hands-on activities as they prepare for the ceremony of The Day of the Dead.

Unit 3: Morality

What is morality? Students study the morality concept by reflecting on the respect for diverse cultural backgrounds where caring and citizenship are important values in this process. Project: Mini-video of moral dilemmas.

Unit 4: Courage

What is courage? How do you express your courage? Students engage in brainstorming activities describing the concept of courage and expressing these ideas on diverse projects such as reflecting on Frida Kahlo paintings. Project: Frida Kahlo’s paintings and descriptions

Unit 5: Oral Presentations - Poetry Contest and Mexico Trip

How do I perform a poem and a keynote presentation in front of an audience? Students engage in hands-on activities by selecting a Spanish language poem to memorize and perform. In preparation for the class trip to Mexico they research a topic related to the history, customs, and traditions of Mexico and present it to the class. Project: Spanish-language poem, Mexico research and presentation

Unit 6: Exile

What is exile? Is it possible to be exiled in your own home, community or country? Students explore the exile concept, and reflect on paintings by José Bernal, a Cuban artist who bases his art on his exile. Project: Bernal’s art description