Seventh Grade Spanish

This course provides students with a deeper understanding of the connection between language and culture, with emphasis on listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Students read a short novel to expand their vocabulary, practice complex grammar and sentence structure, write paragraphs, and their first essay in Spanish. Students also improve their proficiency in the language through the use of Total Physical Response (TPR) technique. They are involved in a variety of cultural activities, videos, music, group, and individual projects. Students reinforce their grammar skills with the workbook, Español Esencial I. They use Rosetta Stone and other technology resources to enrich their learning.

Unit 1: Communication Alive - What is the importance of learning Spanish in the US?

Students seek the connection between language and culture by reflecting on the importance of learning Spanish in the United States. They also learn about the many countries around the world that speak Spanish. The students reflect on their own cultural background. Project: ¿Quién soy yo?

Unit 2: Day of The Dead - What represents the Day of The Dead in Mexican Culture?

This unit focuses on an ancient indigenous Mexican holiday and has the objective of enriching cultural appreciation, values, and traditions from other cultures. Students make linguistic and cultural connections through hands-on activities as they prepare for the ceremony of The Day of the Dead.

Unit 3: Daily Routines - What do you like and what do you dislike?

Students develop abilities to listen, speak, read, and write about diverse topics in small conversations, daily routines, and written exercises. Project: Me gusta y no me gusta.

Unit 4: Culture and Language Connection

Students learn real and fantasy stories while developing reading comprehension skills and answer basic questionnaires related to the books. Project: Select a Spanish language poem.

Unit 5: Reading and Oral Performance

Students engage in hands-on activities by translating, working on pronunciation and memorizing Spanish language poetry. Students also read and comprehend a brief Spanish book. Text: Pobre Ana

Unit 6: Poetry and Paragraphs

Students engage in hands-on activities by learning various techniques for memorizing and performing a Spanish language poem in front of the group. Students also are guided with grammar tools for writing Spanish paragraphs. Text: Pobre Ana and selected poem.

Unit 7: Mexican Culture

Students engage in diverse activities in the classroom by making linguistic and cultural observations through texts and real situations connected with Latino community. Project: Ordering food in a Mexican restaurant.