Seventh Grade Spanish for Fluent Speakers

This course introduces students to the narrative of the language. Throughout the process of exploring their ability to write and talk about different kinds of texts, they learn new vocabulary and reinforce their capacity to use various grammatical structures. It is a crucial step toward refining their spoken and written proficiency. By reading and understanding different points of view and writing styles, students are encouraged to use their creativity to create stories and to make connections between the units of study and their immediate world.

Unit 1: Narrative and Grammatical Structures - Stories

How can I relate the formal model for story structure to the structure of a short story? What tense do we use to narrate a story? Students learn characteristics of story tales that help them develop an appreciation of this genre of Latino-American fiction; they plan and write their story tales. Texts: We read the following short stories "El buscador," "El rey y el mago," and "La abuela grillo."

Unit 2: The Day of the Dead in the Mexican Culture

This unit focuses on an ancient indigenous Mexican holiday and has the objective of enriching cultural appreciation, values, and traditions from other cultures.

Unit 3: Narrative and Grammatical Structures - the novel and descriptive text

How do you write a descriptive text? Students use their imagination to write descriptive texts using correct tenses and punctuation. Text: Esperanza Renace

Unit 4: Narrative and Grammatical Structures - Dialogue

This unit focuses on solidifying grammar rules and structures to improve writing skills, with a focus on writing detailed dialogue. Text: Esperanza Renace

Unit 5: Narrative and Grammatical Structures - Poetry

How do I understand poetry? In this unit, students explore poetry as a medium of written and spoken expression by using diverse literary resources. Text: Esperanza Renace

Unit 6: Narrative and Grammatical Structures - Speech

How can I prepare a speech? How can I be persuasive in a speech? Students write speeches by following a grammatical structure, and connect their grammar and spelling rules in their writing process. Texts: El libro perdido and El bosque de piedra

Unit 7: Narrative and Grammatical Structures - Portfolio

What did I learn this year? How can I write a summary? Students create a portfolio including a review of all concepts, grammar structures, tenses, and spelling rules. Text: Devolver al remitente