Sixth Grade Spanish

This course introduces students to the connection between language and culture. Students develop proficiency in oral comprehension and speaking as well as in reading and writing. They also get a better understanding of Spanish speakers by being aware of their customs and traditions. Every unit reinforces the use of technology, textbooks, projects, and different resources. The goal is to create an engaging, enriching, and rewarding environment where students gain confidence to speak in Spanish inside, and outside, the classroom.

Unit 1: Latino Culture in the United States

Why do we learn Spanish? Who am I? How does your family look?

Students explore the origin, customs, art, and music of different countries. They practice basic grammar and vocabulary and increase their listening and comprehension skills. Text: Las aventuras de Isabela

Unit 2: Traditions - Day of the Dead

What do we do to remember our dead people in the United States?

This unit focuses on an ancient indigenous Mexican holiday and has the objective of enriching cultural appreciation, values, and traditions from other cultures. Project: Sugar Skulls

Unit 3: At GMS

Tell me about your day at the school. What is your favorite subject at the school?

Students engage in simple conversations, understand details and basic ideas about school while they implement newly acquired vocabulary and grammar skills. Project: Design a map of GMS.

Unit 4: Food

What kind of food do Latino cultures eat? How can I describe my family’s eating habits?

Students learn different types of food between Latino countries and the United States, including different habits and attitudes about eating. Project: Design a Menu. Text: Las aventuras de Isabela

Unit 5: The House

Where is your favorite place in your home?

Students reflect and understand cultural aspects of different types of housing. They also focus on how poetry preserves and inspires the Latino culture. Project: Select, read and translate a poem.