Beyond the Classroom

At GMS, we believe girls learn most powerfully through hands-on experience and by making real-world connections with their classroom studies. Therefore we offer opportunities to venture beyond the classroom in ways that bring science, literature, math, history, art, and language to life. GMS offers class trips, Intersession courses, after school activities, and student support to supplement our rich educational program.

After School Activities

The GMS campus stays open for students Monday through Friday until 5 pm. Students have the freedom and responsibility to choose how to use their time. Numerous sports teams, a homework club, and various activities are available, either on a drop-in or sign-up basis. Read more.






Our Intersession program, a beloved GMS tradition, offers students another path to expand their learning beyond the classroom. Twice a year, we put academic classes on hold for a full week and encourage girls to try activities that are either entirely new to them or that they want to explore deeply. The girls create, experience, make, and engage. Read more.

Class Trips

Regular field trips throughout the school year – to museums, historic sites, local ecosystems, cultural landmarks, and research institutions like Stanford and NASA – place classwork in context and demonstrate the utility of the skills the students are mastering. Each grade also takes an overnight trip, progressively traveling for more days and farther distances. Read more.