Class Trips

Regular field trips throughout the school year – to museums, historic sites, local ecosystems, cultural landmarks, and research institutions like Stanford and NASA – place classwork in context and demonstrate the utility of the skills the students are mastering.

Each grade also takes an overnight trip, progressively traveling for more days and farther distances.

  • Sixth graders begin the year with three days of outdoor adventure, culminating with an all-grade sleepover in the gym. Later in the year, the class visits the Marin Headlands Institute for several days to study the area’s unique ecology and geology.
  • Seventh graders spend a week in the fall camping at Pinnacles National Park, where they hike, explore caves, climb rocks, and sing songs and perform skits around the campfire.
  • Eighth graders engage in hands-on activities by preparing an oral presentation related to Puerto Rico. The presentation will be based on a research project written in teams by selecting a topic related to Puerto Rico's history, costumes, culture, and traditions. Students will develop the skills of presenting a subject with proper Spanish pronunciation and applying a wide variety of new vocabulary.

Beyond enriching girls’ intellectual experiences, the trips increase confidence in their physical abilities, cement friendships, build community, and encourage students to push their limits in an environment that is both safe and supportive.