Eighth Grade SEL

Eighth grade is the apex of the SEL curriculum; the students have gained a comfort with themselves and their peers, allowing for a depth of authentic conversation that creates meaning in many aspects of their lives. Students continue their development in understanding themselves and others and further their insight and ability to see themselves as proactive members of a global community. Drug education, values clarification, and assertiveness skills are also an important part of the eighth-grade curriculum. Genuine curiosity and questioning leads to greater self-discovery. By the end of eighth grade, the students have developed a strong sense of self and how they want to interact with the world.

Units of Study
Enhancing Group and Self-Awareness
  • Unit 1 – Focusing and Centering with Mindfulness
  • Unit 2 – Nourishing Self and Others
Cross-Cultural Competencies
  • Unit 1 – Exploring Personal Identity
  • Unit 2 – Confronting Racial Prejudice
  • Unit 3 – Understand White Privilege 
Drug Education
  • Unit 1 – What Is a Drug? Why Do People Take Drugs?
  • Unit 2 – Legal and Illegal Drugs: Effects and Side Effects
  • Unit 3 – Addiction and Safety
Human Sexuality

This unit is designed using the Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education from SIECUS.

  • Unit 1 – Society and Culture: Sexuality and Society, Diversity, Laws, and Religion
  • Unit 2 – Sexual Health: Contraception, Abortion, Healthy Relationships
  • Unit 3 – Personal Skills: Values Clarification, Assertiveness Skills, Resources, and Coping Skills
  • Unit 4 – Relationships: Dating, Marriage, Commitments