Seventh Grade SEL

Seventh grade SEL continues to promote and deepen the skills learned in sixth grade. Emphasis is placed on group cooperation, building empathy, and understanding one’s self and others. In seventh grade we invite the students to be introspective, specifically identifying their personal response to conflict and how it plays out in their relationships. The Human Sexuality Unit incorporates the idea of choice and consequences, with sometimes-profound conversations about why people make particular life choices, and how to apply these insights to their own decision-making.

Units of Study
Enhancing Group and Self-Awareness
  • Unit 1 – Focusing and Centering with Mindfulness
  • Unit 2 – Nourishing Self and Others
  • Unit 3 – Empathy
Communication and Cooperation
  • Unit 1 – Review Elements of Effective Communication
  • Unit 2 – Develop Listening Skills
  • Unit 3 – Conflict Resolution and Conflict Response Styles
Cross-Cultural Competencies
  • Unit 1 – Redefining Diversity
  • Unit 2 – Perception
  • Unit 3 – Flash Judgments Continued 
Human Sexuality

This unit is designed using the Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education from SIECUS.

  • Unit 1 – Human Development: Review Puberty, Review Reproductive Anatomy and Reproduction
  • Unit 2 – Relationships: Friendships, Love, Dating, Marriage, and Lifetime Commitments
  • Unit 3 – Personal Skills Values: Behavior and Purpose, Assertiveness Skills
  • Unit 4 – Sexual Behavior: Intercourse, Shared Sexual Pleasure, Abstinence
  • Unit 5 – Sexual Health: Contraception and Methods, Sexually Transmitted Infection, Reproductive Health
  • Unit 6 – Society and Culture: Family Structures, Gender Roles and Gender Spectrum, Body Image and Media Literacy