Sixth Grade SEL

The sixth grade SEL curriculum teaches self-appreciation and inclusion of others. As a learning community we develop an understanding of individuals and we celebrate differences. The students do this through developing communication and conflict resolution skills. We examine and uncover the consequences of our actions, words, and sexual health. SEL provides a supportive and safe atmosphere where the students can discuss many of the challenges facing adolescent girls. In this course students also learn accurate information about puberty, health, and sexuality.

Units of Study
Enhancing Group and Self-Awareness
  • Unit 1 – Focusing and Centering with Mindfulness
  • Unit 2 – Nourishing Self and Others
  • Unit 3 – Empathy
Communication and Cooperation
  • Unit 1 – Elements of Effective Communication
  • Unit 2 – Defining Diversity
  • Unit 3 – Stereotypes and Flash Judgements
Human Sexuality 

This unit is designed using the Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education from SIECUS.

  • Unit 1 – Human Development: Puberty, Reproductive Anatomy
  • Unit 2 – Relationships: Families, Friendship, Love
  • Unit 3 – Personal Skills: Identifying Values, Decision Making Skills
  • Unit 4 – Sexual Behavior: Human Sexual Response, Intercourse, Conception
  • Unit 5 – Sexual Health: Hygiene, Consumer Literacy
  • Unit 6 – Society and Culture: Gender Roles, Gender Spectrum, Family Structures, Body Image and Beauty